Welcome to the National Museum of the Faroe Islands. To get an memorable experience of the nature, culture and history of the Faroe Islands, we recommend you to visit both the permanent exhibition and the open air museum 

Permanent exhibition

The Natural and cultural history of the Faroe Islands

The permanent exhibition at the National Museum offers an experience of the geology, botany, zoology, archeology, folk-life and history of the Faroe Islands. Among the cultural treasures in the exhibition, you will find the original Faroese rowing boat, the full collection of the legendary 15th century Kirkjubøur benches, a variety of national costumes and interesting findings from the Viking era. You can also experience a journey through the natural and geological history of the Faroe Islands with its mammal and bird life and the volcanic geological origin of the islands. 

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Open air museum


The farm of Hoyvíksgarður is situated in a beautiful green valley just outside Torshavn and within short walking distance from the National Museum exhibition hall. Here you can experience an old Faroese farm with its houses, stables and surroundings. The legend says that the farmhouse was originally situated at Kúrdalur, but was moved to its present location by the farmer taking over the farm in 1772. 

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Special exhibition 2018

Faroese sailmaking tradition 


The exhibition is a rare opportunity to get a look into a special and important era of the Faroese maritime history. On display is a wide collection of original tools, equipment and photographs from the sail making factory in Torshavn, showing the special sail making handicraft and tradition from the mid 20th century. 

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Gift shop

In the gift shop you will find a selection of exclusive handmade souvenirs, books and memorabilia




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